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Themes to be included in the “frost moon workshop” will be haiku “moments”, haiku structure and syllabic count, season words, the “stage” between the lines, what makes a “good” haiku and the traditional Japanese style of conducting a haiku circle. The workshop leader is Catherine Urquhart of the Edinburgh Haiku Circle. Catherine was born in Dumfries, graduated from Edinburgh University with an MA in linguistics, and then moved to Japan where she lived for 30 years. She started studying Japanese haiku under a teacher in 1995.She moderated a monthly English haiku workshop for 20 years in Tokyo. She has had lots of haiku published in haiku magazines/newspapers, often under the pseudonym Yamaguchi Muai (山口無愛).She was concerned that English haiku in the West might be straying a bit from haiku proper, so she established the Edinburgh Haiku Circle in January 2016, which aims to "bring together people and words, while drawing inspiration from Japanese haiku”. The Edinburgh Haiku Circle meets once a month at the Scottish Poetry Library, and has accumulated eight "core" members to date. The website is at:www.edinburghhaikucircle.wordpress.comNo knowledge of Japanese language is required.

haiku is 

recording your daily life

and feelings 

in a few simple words

while paying homage

to nature and 

her changing seasons

 and in so doing 

attaining focus

and composure

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